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Changying Precision90010,000 yuan in shares in Kunshan Jieqiao20%Equity

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9month9Day audio,Changying Precision(300115)(300115.SZ)Announce,2019year9month8day,公司与Kunshan Jieqiao电子科技有限公司(“昆山捷桥”)Reaching collaboration,signed《Kunshan Jieqiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Capital Increase Agreement》,Will use their own funds900Ten thousand yuan to stop the capital increase to Kunshan Jieqiao,Won the Kunshan Bridge20%Equity,Initially completed the company's planning in the field of consumer electronics cooling,And will form synergies with the company's existing structural products。

Kunshan Jieqiao was founded in2014year,Is a research and development of ultra-thin heat pipes and soaking plates,consumption、Professional company for sale,Mainly for intelligent terminals,Notebook,Server,New energy vehicle and other areas provide heat dissipation overall treatment plan。

Kunshan Jieqiao has a professional technical research and development team,Engineering team with innovation and execution skills,Can effectively fulfill customer needs,Invention value。Kunshan Jieqiao has more than 20 patents on heat dissipation technology,Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise。In recent years,Kunshan Jieqiao passed the technology、Process accumulation,Has become the mainstream diameter of domestic and foreign brands、High power heat pipe main supplier。

5GRise,Kunshan Jieqiao is fully committed to the development of the next generation of ultra-thin soaking plates,From thickness to heat dissipation efficiency,Both have a qualitative improvement over the existing common heat sink,estimate2020Year will become the mainstream supply product of the industry and Kunshan Jieqiao。After the company enters, it will increase the research and development and production capacity of ultra-thin soaking plates.。Kunshan Jieqiao is still actively expandingAI、Server、Thermal treatment plan for new energy vehicles and high-speed rail,Strive to become the leading supplier of thermal treatment plan in the industry。

? ?Billion corecityWWW.YiBEiiC.COM)Under the Shenzhen Xinjiasheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.,was founded in2013Year-on-line service,Main features of the mall platform“Online fast trade with a single+Offline entity supply delivery”The best of both worlds,Is domesticElectronic ComponentsProfessional e-commerce platform+Physical store enterprise。Future developments and models are mainly(One-stop shop,Platform consignment/Handling idle inventory to achieve a win-win situation in resource sharing,Electronic Engineer Exchange Community,Interactive service platform such as hardware development and support)Providing accurate big data resource platform in this efficient and fast-growing technology Internet era。

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