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Voiceprint recognition:The domestic competition pattern has basically formed,Scale commercial?

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Biometrics as an important category of new generation of artificial intelligence,Stop identity recognition with human physiological or behavioral characteristics。Benefited from cloud computing in recent years、Big Data、Internet of Things、Deep learningRapid development of information technology,Biology theory、Algorithm model、Innovative application、Software support and other aspects get broken from time to time。

Currently,fingerprintidentify、Face recognitionOnce known to the masses,But also as a biometric recognition of voiceprint recognition,Still at the forefront of technical battles。

According to the prospective industry research institute,The current global biometric industry is huge,Speech-only recognition(Note:Voiceprint recognition)The market scope of this subdivision is nearly 10 billion US dollars,estimate2020 Year is expected to surpass 200 Billion dollar(Combined 1346 Billion money),Occupy the entire biometric market 22.4%

From the perspective of network identity application,According to foreign authoritative research institutions MarketsandMarketsData visualization,2019 The network security market is estimated to grow to 1557.4 Billion dollar,among them,Identity certification information will be beyond the scope of the Ping An market300Billion dollar。Voiceprint recognition will also play an important role in it.

Based on publicly available materials, domestic statistics20Homeprint recognition enterprise。These companies canDivided into three categories,First, it was established in2000In the past year, the old voice manufacturer represented by Keda Xunfei;The second is established in2000year~2010Year's manufacturer of deep-growing voiceprint technology;The third is2012Borrowed after the yearAIStart-ups established by Dongfeng。These established companies often control deep technical accumulation and central patents.,In particular, a few companies with backgrounds in universities and research institutions。From the perspective of financing progress,AIStartups are moving faster,It also reflects the timing of the industry's enthusiasm from a certain level.。

Major voiceprint enterprise in China(sort out)

Voiceprint recognition main application areas and scenes

Voiceprint recognition technology branch-Application scenario scatter plot(The larger the circle, the higher the maturity)
(source:China's first voiceprint identification industry launches white paper)

National public safety
Voiceprint recognition technology first focuses on national defense for a specific group of people、Public security technical investigation、Judicial correction and other areas put into use,Strong guarantee of national and public safety。

In order to avoid the occurrence of cases such as stolen brush,Participate in the purchase and sale payment by voiceprint confirmation technology,Stop client authentication after dynamic voiceprint password,Can effectively improve the safety of personal funds and purchases and payments。 2016To2018 Years,China established bank、Guiyang Bank、Lanzhou Bank、Xi'an Bank、China UnionPay、China Mutual Gold Association and other units have launched the voiceprint identification service,For account login、Large transfer、Cardless withdrawal、Password recovery and other business scenarios。WeChat and Alipay have also been online based on voiceprint dynamic password login。In addition,Introducing voiceprint recognition technology into credit business as a deceitful trick,It can also effectively reduce the incidence of fraudulent loans and long-term loans。

Social insurance
Urban and rural endowment insurance is an important part of the social guarantee system.,At present, China's social security faces three problems: Accelerate into an aging society,Social security management has a problem,The current method of dealing with the problem of taking the lead is high.、low efficiency。Application of voiceprint recognition technology to effectively handle the remote and on-site identity authentication of insured personnel,Prevent fingerprints and faces from being processed on site、Not easy to collect、Easy to forge and other issues。

Intelligent security and personalized voice interaction
Application of voiceprint confirmation technology,Entitlement to access control of various things in the daily life of the individual,For example, a smartphonelockScreen、Voice-activated password lock for various network accounts、Computer voice lock、Voice-activated door、Car voice lock, etc.; Application of voiceprint recognition technology,SupportableSmart speaker、Intelligent voice assistant, etc.,Personalized services for users of different ages, as well as opening specific functional privileges, etc.;Separation by speech recognition and voiceprint recognition technology,Complete multi-person meeting record。

At present, most of these emerging demands are still in the inquiry stage.。

5GIdentify the new application scene

In the foreseeable future,Identification will have the following trends:Multi-biological recognition of wrist blending;Non-contact type that can be collected under natural conditions;Remote identification and easy to fake on the Internet。Each biometric technology has its advantages and advantages,About smart hardware without a screen and keyboard or a very small screen,Voice is a more reasonable way of operation,Voiceprint recognition is suitable for such research methods and service entrance。

but,Due to the complexity of the sound signal,Voiceprint recognition still faces many challenges in practical applications.,According to the Tsinghua University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute《China's first voiceprint identification industry launches white paper》,MentionedTechnical battles include
Authentication(Voiceprint confirmation):Pretending to attack、Real attempt detection、Whisper recognition; Anti-scratch(Voiceprint recognition):Multi speaker、Phrase sound、Speech masking, etc.; Text independent:(Recording replay)Pretending to attack、Phrase sound; Text related:(Recording replay)Pretending to attack; Text prompt:(Recording stitching playback)Pretending to attack; Commonality:Background noise、Cross channel、Time change(Age change)、health condition、(Speech rate、volume、Emotional, etc.)Pronunciation。

but,along with5G Bringing a new application scenario,Linkage will be strengthened to tens of billions,Bringing a wealth of machine-like communication and deep integration。Simultaneously,Network to cloud、Software evolution,Plus high security、Low latency、Large-capacity network talent,Will make the car network、Internet of Things、Industrial Internet and other areas have achieved new technological empowerment。Voice as the most natural way of human-computer interaction,Will usher in more growth opportunities and more space for development。

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