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What does the electrical control system diagram include?_Type of electrical control system diagram

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? ? What does the electrical control system diagram include?

  Electrical control system diagram includes:Electrical schematic、Electrical component wiring diagram、Three diagrams of electrical component layout。

  Electrical schematic、Electrical component wiring diagram、Electrical component layout diagram The characteristics of the three maps are as follows:

  The electrical schematic diagram is used to indicate the working principle of the electrical equipment and the role of various electrical components.,a representation of the relationship between each other。Methods and techniques for using electrical schematics,About profiling electrical lines,It is very beneficial to remove the machine circuit faults.。Electrical schematic、Control circuit、maintain、Distribution circuit and other parts。

  Electrical component wiring diagram,Based on the actual location and device status of electrical equipment and electrical components,Used only to indicate the location of electrical equipment and electrical components、Wiring method and wiring method,Not explicitly indicating the principle of electrical action。Mainly used for device wiring、Line inspection and repair and fault handling。

  The electrical component layout is mainly used to carefully mark the position of the practical device of all electrical components in the electrical schematic.,Manufacturing of consumer machinery and electrical equipment、The device provides the necessary materials。The level of visual electrical control system is concentrated or drawn separately。


  Classification of electrical control system diagrams

  1、Electrical system diagram and block diagram

  Electrical system diagrams and block diagrams are symbols or annotated boxes,Outline the composition of the system、Patterns of local interactions and their main features,More concentrated reflection of the scope of the engineering objects depicted。

  2、Electrical schematic

  Electrical schematic is for easy reading and analysis of control lines,Simple、Clear guidelines,a pattern drawn by means of electrical components。Conductive devices and wiring terminations including all electrical components,But it is not drawn according to the practical arrangement of electrical components.,Does not reflect the size of electrical components。Its role is to facilitate a detailed understanding of the working principle,a device that directs a system or device、debugging、service。The electrical schematic is one of the most important varieties in the electrical control system diagram,It is also the difficulty and focus of the map.。

  3、Electrical layout

  The electrical layout is mainly used to indicate the practical location of all electrical components on the electrical equipment.,Manufacturing of consumer machinery electrical control equipment、The device provides the necessary materials。Usually the electrical layout and the electrical device wiring diagram are combined,Both function as an electrical device wiring diagram,It also clearly shows the layout of the electrical appliances.。

  4、Electrical installation wiring diagram

  The wiring diagram of the electrical device is for the purpose of stopping the wiring of electrical equipment and electrical components or repairing the electrical equipment.。It is a graphical symbol with rules,Practical wiring diagram drawn according to the relative position of each electrical component,It clearly shows the relative position of each electrical component and the circuit connection between them,So the device wiring diagram does not have to draw the same parts of the same appliance together.,And the arrangement of the various components should be as close as possible to the actual state of the appliance.,But there is no strict request than usual and size。Not only to draw the electrical connection between the interior of the control cabinet, but also to draw the connection of the electrical appliances outside the cabinet.。The circuit label of the electrical device wiring diagram is between electrical equipment、Between electrical components、Connection mark between wire and wire,Its literal and numeric symbols should differ from the labels in the schematic.。

  5、Utility map

  The role of the utility diagram is to provide a basis for drawing electrical schematics or other related drawings.,It is a diagram that represents a theoretical or ideal circuit relationship without touching the completion method.。

  6、Electrical component list

  The electrical component list is a complete set of installation、Components in the device(Including electric motor)Title、model、specification、Quantity into a table,Preparation materials and maintenance applications。

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