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Analysis of commutation method and working principle of inverter circuit

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The inverter circuit corresponds to the rectifier circuit,Turning direct current into alternating current is called inverter。When the AC side is connected to the grid,That is, when the AC side is connected to the power supply,Active inverter;When the AC side is directly linked to the load,Passive inverter。

The application of inverter circuits is very common。In all kinds of existing power supplies,Battery、dry cell、Solar cells, etc. are all DC power supplies,When these power supplies are required to supply power to the AC load,Demand inverter circuit。In addition,AC motor speed controlFrequency converter、Discontinuous power supply、Power electronics installation and other applications such as induction heating power supply are very common,The center of the circuit is partially an inverter circuit。Its fundamental function is to convert the DC power output from the intermediate DC circuit into an AC power source with adjustable frequency and voltage under the control of the control circuit.。

The switching state of the bridge inverter circuit is determined by the voltage signal applied to its gate,Bridge circuitPNThe terminal participates in the DC voltageUd,A、BTermination to load。whenT1、T4OpenT2、T3When closing,u0=Ud;in contrast,whenT1、T4CloseT2、T3When opened,u0=-Ud。So when the arms in the bridge are at the frequency f(Repeated frequency resolution by the gate voltage signal)Turn on and off,The output voltageu0Will become an alternating square wave,Its amplitudeUd。Repeated frequency isf,As shown2Shown,The fundamental wave can be expressed as the amplitudeUdRectangular waveuoExpand into Fourier series:uo=4Ud/π (sinwt+1/3 sin3wt+1/5 sin5wt+.。。)Visible by,Control signal frequencyfAbility to determine the output frequency,Change the DC supply voltageUdAbility to change the fundamental amplitude,Thus completing the purpose of the inverter。

Converter mode:

? ?1)Device commutation:Apply self-shutdown of the full control device to stop the commutation。Fully controlled device uses this commutation method。

? ?2)Grid commutation:Commutation voltage provided by the grid,Simply add the negative grid voltage to the device to be commutated.。

? ?3)Load commutation:Commutation voltage provided by the load,When the load is a capacitive load, that is, when the load current leads the load voltage,Load commutation。

? ?4)Forced commutation:Set additional commutation circuit,Forced commutation is forced to apply reverse voltage commutation to the thyristor to be turned off.。Usually done by applying energy on an additional capacitor,Capacitor commutation。

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