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How to understand the integrated circuit diagram?What to look at?

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Look at the whole circuit diagram、The block circuit diagram and the system circuit diagram are all looking at the circuit diagram centered on the integrated circuit.。How should I see the integrated circuit diagram??What to see?What request should I reach??

One、Ways and contents of looking at integrated circuit diagrams,Can adopt the aforementioned three sentences、Three steps;Can also be integrated as an integrated circuit,On the base of the signal path in the chip,Connect and expand outside the block,Then establish the connection between the various integration blocks,Finally control the global and details;Can also be separated by several methods,Look at the picture according to the map。When looking at the integrated circuit diagram,What should I mainly look at??Can be attributed to the following four sentences:Function type,Signal flow,Internal and external contact,Pin function。

(1)First of all, we must distinguish the type of integrated circuit used.、Type and main function,This is the first step in reading an integrated circuit.。E.gcdThe types of integrated blocks used in the record player mainly includerfAmplifier、Servo signal processing and digital signal demodulation circuit、Servo drive、System controller(Ordinary integrationdspIntegrated circuit)and many more。First of all, the details of the integrated circuit must be clearly defined.,Also need to find out the type of the integrated circuit,Especially familiar with its main function。Various types of integrated circuits,Its internal main functions and circuit construction may be similar;It is also possible that the circuit configuration and circuit path are different.,But can do the same thing。Familiarity is the most important。For speed、Correctly read the circuit diagram,Readers should knowingly accumulate relevant materials for some common integrated circuits.,Deliberately inscribed the detailed model number of some integrated circuits、Types of,Understand the big trends and latest developments in the use of integrated circuits。Different models between some integrated circuits,But the same function,Can be directly substituted for each other;Some blocks have similar serial numbers,But the function and the lead are very different.;Some integrated circuits presented later can fulfill the functions of several early integrated blocks。After the reader controls these materials,When reading an integrated circuit diagram,Will show great superiority。

How to understand the integrated circuit diagram?What to look at?

(2)Signal flow when reading circuit diagrams,Should not be satisfied with controlling only the type and fundamental function of the integrated circuit,Should also be familiar with the fundamental process of signal processing。usually,The construction of the internal circuit of the integrated block is very complicated,The reader does not need to make a detailed analysis of it.,But should be familiar with the signal handling process of the internal circuit,Or,It should be clearly understood that its internal function block diagram。The flow chart of the signal can be seen through the block diagram,Can see which detailed functions can be completed by the integration block。Ability to think of an integrated circuit as a component,Don't go too far in the construction of this component and the detailed work process,But it should be understood that the detailed functions of each block in the integrated circuit are completed.,Cooked input、What signal is output?,Cooked signal waveform amplitude、Frequency change law,Familiar with the contact between the boxes,The familiarity of the signal in the integrated block。At this point,It’s a preliminary understanding of the integrated circuit diagram.。Currently,Some complete circuit diagram information materials are not fully labeled,Only the number of pins of the integrated block and the symbols of each pin are given.,No internal block diagram of the integrated block is given,No DC operating point for the integrated block pinout。It will bring inconvenience to deepen the reading of the map.,Readers should look for some other materials,To compensate for its lack。and also,Many internal component block diagrams are often labeled with foreign letters or abbreviations,Also for beginners, it will be difficult,This requires the reader to familiarize themselves with the Chinese meaning of letters and abbreviations as soon as possible.,Otherwise it is difficult to read these circuit diagrams。Resolution due to the characteristics of the integrated process,The integrated circuit must be connected to the peripheral components via the pinout。In order to make the integrated circuit complete a certain function,Must contact the external unit circuit or component,Must also pass through the lead and the front、Subsequent circuit attack contact。

(3)While reading the circuit diagram,It is necessary to connect the circuits inside and outside the integrated circuit,They as a whole of a circuit system,To accomplish some specific functions。Can not contact internal and external circuits,Will not see the ins and outs of the signal,Difficult to analyze the function of the circuit。 About the same integrated circuit,In the hands of different machine designers,May design different external circuits,Matching different component networks。Because the external discrete circuit can be ever-changing,These discrete components are often interrogative circuits for reading pictures.。It takes some effort to break these difficulties.,Otherwise it will not be comprehensive、Correctly read the whole circuit diagram。

(4)Pin function On the integrated circuit diagram,Each pin is not only required to mark the second number,Also use the simple letter symbol to mark its title。These alphabetic symbols are often abbreviations in English,It can represent the function of the pin。When looking at the integrated circuit diagram,Must pay great attention to the function of each pin。The lead pin is the link between the internal and external circuit,To understand the connection between each pin and the internal function block diagram,It is the lead of the corresponding box inside;Also understand the function of the external components of the lead,The external circuit is connected to the internal circuit through the lead pin。Some pinouts are inputs to integrated circuits、Output port,These lead feet are looking at the circuit diagram,Important。When reading an integrated circuit diagram,Look at each block diagram representing the internal functions one by one.,Also identify the corresponding pinouts at the same time,Identify external circuits or components,These jobs are often the main job of reading integrated circuit diagrams.。 usually,The integrated circuit leads the foot and the external components have certain regularity,but,The law is not intact.,Among different models,Some lead feet are not used,Or the signal flow is different,Readers should be sensitive。

Read the lead to do it“Four distinct”Reading the pin is a regular job of reading the integrated circuit diagram,Also the most important job。Familiar internal composition block diagram,Can deepen the understanding of the function of the foot;Familiar with the function of the lead,Enhanced understanding of the composition block diagram。When reading the lead,Should be done below“Four distinct”。

(1)The symbol function is based on the original designer's request,Each lead has its own use and title。According to the design idea of ??each pin,English letters or abbreviations are marked on the left and right of each foot。Professional or maintenance personnel based on the English words marked on the drawings,Know the nature of the foot、function。But should see,The lead of each manufacturer for the same nature and function,May use different abbreviations;Most countries,Consumers use the same or similar abbreviations。If the reader is very familiar with these abbreviated word representations,Will bring great convenience to see the integrated circuit diagram,If you are not familiar with these words,Will create a lot of difficulties for the picture。

(2)Signal waveforms, many pinouts are inputs、Output signal port,Some pinouts are switchable or pulsed、Data stream or analog signal port,Some lead feet are key test feet。Readers should be familiar with some important pinout signal waveforms,Understand the signal waveform shape of the lead、Amplitude、frequency,Reading circuit diagram、It is important to overhaul the whole machine.。usually,Use the oscilloscope to accurately read the input of the pin、Output waveform shape、Frequency and amplitude, etc.。

(3)The data should be familiar with the relevant data of the lead.。It is also important for reading circuit diagrams and troubleshooting problems.。First of all,Be familiar with data about signal waveforms,To understand the range of signal amplitude、Frequency value of the signal。Second,Also familiar with the current drawn、Voltage、Resistance and other data,In particular, understand the static working voltage and dynamic operating voltage of the foot.。About those dynamics、Lead pins with different static DC voltage values,More attention。


two、Look at the basic method and main content of the unit circuit diagram. Each system circuit is composed of several unit circuits.。Want to read the whole circuit、Slab circuit and system circuit,Must read the unit circuit diagram of each system。The unit circuit is the circuit unit of the whole machine。With the advancement of integrated circuit technology,Several or even dozens of unit circuits can be integrated into one integrated circuit。Currently,On the whole circuit diagram,Discrete unit circuits are getting less and less,The task of dissecting the unit circuit in the whole machine is getting less and less.,Also easy。But familiar with the function principle of various unit circuits that control the whole machine,It works on controlling the whole machine.,It is very necessary to overhaul the whole machine.。 When reading the unit circuit diagram,Should mainly read the following:principle、function,structure、Types of、Transformation process,Numerical waveform。

1、principle、The function of each circuit system to complete a signal processing function,And each unit circuit only completes a certain part of the signal processing process.。When reading the unit circuit,First of all, we must clearly understand the purpose and function of the unit circuit in this circuit system.,What tasks does it mainly accomplish?。then,According to function、Task request,To analyze the working principle of its circuit。Sometimes the function of the unit circuit、The role is difficult to confirm immediately,Ability to assume its fundamental function based on its position in the system circuit,Analyze how it works,Then analyze and research,And finally affirmed。Inspection and verification work is mainly done by oscilloscope detection。Analyze the working principle of the circuit, and need to understand the theoretical basis and reading experience of the reader.。

2、Anatomy of the working principle mainly refers to the content and characteristics of the circuit signal,How does the circuit generate new signals and how to complete the signal transformation?。When analyzing circuit functions and principles,It must be accompanied by the construction and type of the unit circuit。About the integrated unit circuit,Detailed way to avoid the circuit;For the discrete circuit,It is necessary to dissect the circuit structure,In order to correctly analyze the circuit type and working principle。Should see,Complete the same function of the unit circuit,Ability to use circuits of different configurations and types;Even the same function,Circuits that can use different operating principles。

3、Transform process analysis circuit working principle,Inevitably along with the transformation process of the parsing signal。Analyze the transformation law of signals is the key to analyzing the circuit principle。Signal analysis is clear,The working principle must be solved。The profiling signal is mainly to analyze the waveform of the input signal and the output signal.、Amplitude、frequency,Analyze their content and characteristics,Analyze the principle and function of signal transformation。

4、Numerical value、Waveform When parsing the signal,Be familiar with the laws of signal waveforms,Should also be familiar with its values。Signal amplitude、The value of the frequency is also an important part of the signal characteristics and laws.,Anatomy input、The waveform change law of the output signal,Analyze signal amplitude、Frequency change law,Ability to deepen the working principle of the control circuit。In addition,About the discrete circuit,The DC operating point value of the circuit is also the content of the analysis.,It directly affects the working state and working principle of the circuit;Regarding integrated circuits,The corresponding dynamics of the lead、Static operating voltage values ??should also be very important。 Strong electricity、Weak current、imitate、digital First of all, we must understand the symbols of each unit component. new、Old national standards must be memorized Skillful control of the working principle and characteristics of various unit components and functions Skillful control of the working principle of various fundamental unit circuits。

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